The Recruiting Bachelorette, Ashlie Garcia, is the go-to recruiter and trusted strategic partner for organizations, entrepreneurs and job seekers looking to find top talent and navigate next-level career moves. 

The world has changed dramatically over the last few years – and so has attracting top talent! Job seekers know their worth and expect more, asking for flexibility, appreciation, and engagement with an organization that goes the extra mile. As a result, companies have had a chance to reevaluate how they approach hiring, reinventing employee experience – benefits, company culture, compensation, and much more – to appeal to today’s pro-employee job market, where the empowered job seekers are calling the shots!

Now is the time for both sides to seek out an expert whose sole mission is to advocate in the best interest of employers and employees. Ashlie Garcia, The Recruiting Bachelorette, is a Recruitment Expert and Strategic Partner, bringing 10+ years of experience recruiting for nonprofit organizations, startups, and large corporations to the table. The name, The Recruiting Bachelorette, comes from Garcia’s insightful perspective that recruiting is much like dating and shares the same complexities of finding partners who are compatible and checking off all of the boxes. “I’m on a mission to help candidates find their dream role and match them with companies that value them,” shares Garcia.

Garcia’s innovative approach to finding talent and helping companies refine their strategies to retain talent sets her apart as a thought leader in her industry during a time when thinking outside the box and the ability to pivot is critical to staying ahead of the game. 

What’s in the “secret sauce” to which she credits her success? “I consider myself an eternal student, and throughout my experience as a recruiter, I’ve sought out coaching from the greatest mindset coaches and thought leaders in the world,” she says. “Through self-development, I’ve learned the skillsets to offer an elite experience to candidates and a seamless process for organizations, paying close attention to their needs so I can be their best advocate.” 

Working with coaches and experts like Natasha Graziano and Dan Roth is an integral reason why the pillars of Garcia’s recruitment process are cultivating a growth mindset and aligning candidates and organizations based on their values, as opposed to their resumes. Garcia’s commitment to a hiring process where candidates feel at ease, understood, and valued is key, noting that 80% of job seekers report that a positive candidate experience in the hiring process influenced their decision to accept the offer.

By thoroughly understanding what a company or candidate is looking for, why they are hiring, and what they are willing to offer, Garcia provides the utmost transparency to job seekers and organizations, which has built her reputation as a trusted resource. “It all comes down to trust,” explains Garcia. “Because I’ve earned the trust of the people I work with, they call me when they need a trusted advisor to come in and make things happen.”

Another key to The Recruiting Bachelorette’s high-level recruiting acumen? Deep Listening. When speaking with her clients, Garcia’s goal is to know who they are, discover what drives them and explore what they truly want for their life by asking them questions outside the bounds of the typical interview. In truth, the qualifications that lead to a great match between talent and organizations are found beneath the one-dimensional information found on a resume! Garcia finds that paying close attention and having honest conversations builds excellent rapport and often leads to innovative solutions for candidates and companies alike. Authentic and genuine communication is the hallmark of Garcia’s recruiting process. With a clear understanding of where clients are coming from and where they want to go, Garcia can deliver the expert guidance that best supports their vision.

Extensive experience in the recruitment industry, next-level engagement, authentic communication, resourcefulness, mindset coaching, and an innate gift for building trust and relationships suffice to call “the secret sauce” to recruiting – but for Garcia, The Recruiting Bachelorette, there’s another essential ingredient: Passion for helping people reach their highest potential. “I want to make noise for that person that otherwise wouldn’t have that opportunity,” Garcia shares. “The most important thing to me is unlocking the passions of the people I work with and providing a vehicle for them to grow.” 

Garcia’s deep-seated love for people isn’t new — with a degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership alongside her long-time career in Recruiting and Talent Acquisition, Garcia has been preparing her whole life to be an excellent advocate for those seeking greatness in their career and otherwise. 

The Recruiting Bachelorette’s expertise and unconventional approach to recruiting defies imitation, and for organizations and job seekers looking for a trusted recruitment advisor to set them up for success, Garcia is the one they can count on.

To make sure you are getting the most out of your next company hire or career move, schedule a discovery call with Ashlie Garcia at and connect with her on Instagram for expert tips for talent and professionals.


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