Three influential business masters in their own right: Ashley Black, Korie Minkus and Lisa Vrancken, have joined forces creating the modern guide for female entrepreneurs to achieve prosperity at every stage in business and life.

BE… is not your ordinary business book. It’s a hybrid of personal development, self-transformation, and a deep activation of the female entrepreneurial spirit. The idea of Prosperity is one of the four pillars of this book explored by Ashley Black, Korie Minkus, and Lisa Vrancken. They passionately encourage every woman in business to have her own definition of Prosperity, as they challenge societal norms and what may have been ingrained at an early age. What does Prosperity represent for you? The authors give permission to design the state of Prosperity you desire, while maintaining a passion-driven and purpose-fueled life and business. 

To begin, to achieve Prosperity, you need clarity of vision. Prosperity can be an opportunity for product-based business owners to earn and to innovate, to take risks and succeed. The authors take readers beyond the common answers or impulsive responses to Prosperity, and well beyond what we think others want for us. They expand the idea of Prosperity as the authentic desires that are uniquely you. The authors guide readers to slow down and consider financial growth goals and achievements that define success for you. Only once you are clear on your vision of Prosperity can you intentionally manifest it, take action to achieve it, and acknowledge it, as it’s happening. You can really experience and honor what successful growth looks and feels like for you. 

BE… offers a one-of-a-kind business approach with holistic principles of self-discovery, self-development with proven business philosophies, growth hacking techniques, and product-to-market systems. Collectively, it’s a synergy of the Authors’ unique experiences inventing products, operating multi-million-dollar companies, in corporate leadership for Fortune 500 legacy brands, winning market share for clients, delivering strategic financial outcomes, and consulting thousands of business owners to success worldwide. Individually these authors decoded the fast-evolving consumer products industry for many decades and now collectively woven together their experiences, acumen, systems, anecdotes, and those from countless other female entrepreneurs featured in the book, to share BE… the vision for the present and future of 6, 7 and 8 figure women business owners. 

 Prosperity is the single most common theme every woman in business aspires to achieve. BE… written by women for women with real-life stories, delivers current business owners and emerging entrepreneurs the transparency, mindset, and movements to create the inner and outer shift to ultimately achieve your defined Prosperity. 

 While you’re browsing for new business books to read, ‘BE…’  by the award-winning TV producer and best-selling author Lisa Vrancken, award-winning ABA entrepreneur and product inventor of the Fascia Blaster® Ashley Black; and Korie Minkus, Founder & CEO of Rock Your Product® the leading award-winning global business advisory firm— this is probably not what you’d expect to see skimming the shelf for titles on how to become a successful product-based businesswoman or female entrepreneur. The profound stories, carefully selected topics, detailed action-oriented movements, and girlfriend candor in this tell-all book entitled Be…From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity is a perfect example of that. Spearheaded by three influential business masters, the empowered phenomenon came together to form a collaborative book written as a culmination of their knowledge, wisdom, and learnings through the trials and tribulations of decades spent engaged in the dynamic world of physical product businesses. Each of the Authors, with different expertise and backgrounds, bonded through tremendous respect for each other. They share the commonalities, pitfalls, and landmines experienced in the growth of emerging businesses and brands. Together they expose truth and reveal the secrets to success they have unraveled. 

When the authors first met through business, they felt the universe had brought them together, as three kindred spirits, in collaboration and alignment. “Our combined experience, overlapping stories, industry success, and personal journey to BE… bonded us. This gave us a sense of urgency to write together,” shares Lisa Vrancken. 

Now they aim to support women on their path to success, something the phenomenal business women wished they had more access to as they moved through their own life, career, business development, and challenges. “The book exists to help female entrepreneurs unearth their passion and seek the purpose that lights their souls on fire,” Ashley Black explains. The Authors carefully designed the book to allow the reader to hear their inner voice, strengthen their intuition, and gain clarity on what matters most.

 BE… is thoughtfully broken up into four pillars: Passion, Purpose, Product, and Prosperity. Each section contains a set of exercises, known as Movements, dedicated to activating the Divine Feminine and illuminating your path forward. “The movements are about doing. One of the realities of business, and life, is that you can’t just think about it. You must be intentional and actionable,” says Korie Minkus. It’s about helping female entrepreneurs and impact-makers understand a deeper level of their capability, unleashing personal strengths, and making confident decisions to create desired outcomes; according to Minkus, that is what creates a truly accomplished (and happy) entrepreneur. 

 The Products and Prosperity section in the book is about taking what you’ve unearthed from Passion and Purpose to create or re-inspire your personal brand and business that fully aligns with you. Ultimately, it’s about creating what Prosperity is for you – a self-exploration of sorts – one the three authors believe is the crux to all the business necessities you need to design a path of meaningful outcomes. 

 “Intuitively, we knew we had found the right partners in each other when we spent hours upon hours sharing similar stories, learning from each other, and aligning our belief systems. We discovered as we pushed and encouraged each other through this collaboration, we were ready to guide others to take the quantum leap,” say the authors of BE…Today, we continue to witness the fastest growth in the history of women starting businesses globally, with an unprecedented evolution of great opportunity to define the female entrepreneur’s journey.

You see this ground-breaking book acts as a merging of ‘actionable knowledge.’ “Most people either dive straight into spiritualism or beliefs but this is a crossover, where experts help people figure out what BE… is and how you can include it in their business and product,” explains Black. “Most business books identify a target audience and ensures the message resonates with them. This is the opposite approach to what we are doing. We’re saying be you and the right people will resonate with your message.”

 So, whether you’re a seasoned female entrepreneur or an emerging business owner, you embrace learning, accession, and evolution. The realization is that there is a massive amount of business acumen that evolves through sustainable business growth. You can continue to scale and operate with good business sense when you first acknowledge it all comes down to what lies within. The book’s name was inspired by purpose and passion. “I feel like we’re always being told what we should be and what makes somebody successful and fabulous. We need to be whatever we want to be and not let anybody else define it. That’s why there are three dots … you fill in the blanks. Who is it that you want to be?” says Vrancken. 

 At the end of the day, we’re only here on earth for a short amount of time, so why not identify and shed limiting beliefs, expand your brain wave activity to make room for more productivity, and design every experience to be masterful? “I hope each business owner will take the time to reflect on how they can be better for themselves, which in turn can create higher vibrational living, more energy output, more expansion in life, and as I say, put out more in the universe to get more in return,” explains Minkus.

 Join the BE… movement and discover how Ashley Black, Korie Minkus, and Lisa Vrancken guide Prosperity and the ride-it-till-the-wheels-fall-off attitude that guides entrepreneurial women after the exciting June 28 release of Be…From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity.


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