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Labor unions  are continuing to expand their marijuana industry membership, this time at medical cannabis dispensaries in Ohio and Utah.

Budtenders at Strawberry Fields dispensary in Columbus, Ohio, recently voted to join Teamsters Local 413.

According to a news release, 95% of Strawberry Fields’ eligible employees will participate, making them the first cannabis workers in Ohio to join the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

“This is just the beginning. We’re on a mission to transform this industry one contract at a time, with sustainable, middle-class careers,” Peter Finn, international vice president and food processing division director for the Teamsters’ Western Region, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, WholesomeCo Pharmacy in West Bountiful, Utah, voted 21-1 to become the second marijuana company in the state to join the United Food and Commercial Workers’ Local 99.

Dragonfly Wellness was the first Utah cannabis company to sign up with the Local 99.

“Over the last three years, cannabis workers in Utah have seen the industry flourish, thanks to their hard work and dedicated care for their patients,” Local 99 President Jim McLaughlin said in a statement.