Empower Fusion, previously Ann Gray Consulting LLC, is a faith-based video marketing agency located in Kansas City and is changing the way businesses approach marketing through their emphasis on human connection. Ann Gray is known globally as the “Queen of Social Media” and has created over 3,000 videos for digital marketing, sales campaigns, and various social media marketing strategies. With over a decade of video experience, Ann Gray understands the power of empathy and creating a connection with an audience, saying that “video dominates social media and can communicate directly to someone’s heart, meeting them where they’re at and impacting them dramatically.”

How Do YOUR Marketing Videos Measure Up?

Video marketing has become increasingly essential for brands, with 86% of a company’s primary branding and marketing being through video marketing, according to a recent survey. Empower Fusion is dedicated to providing personalized service to their clients, working with each company to create original, powerful, empathetic videos that connect with the audience. The company is built on traditional principles, including integrity, honor, respect, ethics, loyalty, and honesty.

Empower Fusion understands the importance of video marketing and how it can help businesses meet their goals. The company provides specialty services for thriving brands and is a guide for video marketing trends. Ann Gray believes that emotion-based storytelling has the power to change minds, and she encourages businesses to tell a story that demonstrates their message. These videos also implement neuroscience to connect scientifically with the audience. This helps the audience remember the connection they made to the fact or product, making it easier for them to retain the information.

The Only Video Marketing Stats You Need To Know To Boost Your Business Revenue

Video marketing trends are evolving from short ads to viral videos on social media, especially with Instagram’s changes with Reels and TikTok’s rise to fame. According to vital marketing statistics, video is currently boosting brands more than any other format, and video flexibility drives marketing strategy and ROI. For instance, video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text. 91% of marketers believe video is essential for brands producing content in the wave of emergencies and pandemics. 83% of video marketers also claim that videos increase the average visiting time on websites. Moreover, 78% of marketers using video report an increase in sales.

How to Engage and Capitalize on Video Marketing with Video Marketing Agency Thought Leader: Ann Gray

Empower Fusion can help businesses capitalize on video marketing by creating impactful videos that make their company stand out.  The company caters to small and large businesses and can help them build their brand presence on social media, educate people on their services, or generate more sales with their current clientele. Ann Gray believes that each brand is unique to themselves and works with each company to help them create bespoke original, engaging videos that create a heart-based connection with their audience.

Ann Gray is changing the game of video marketing by emphasizing the importance of human connection. Her company is built on traditional principles and provides personalized service to her clients, helping them achieve their social media marketing goals. By creating original, dynamic videos, Empower Fusion helps businesses stand out in a world where video marketing is essential.


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