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Florida voters will likely see marijuana legalization on their presidential election ballots this fall, Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested.

The Florida state Supreme Court is currently weighing a constitutional challenge brought by the DeSantis administration against a campaign to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and over in the state, currently the largest medical marijuana market in the country.

A ruling is pending.

But while wrapping up his failed presidential election bid in New Hampshire, DeSantis told a marijuana lobbyist that the legalization measure will “be on the ballot,” according to Marijuana Moment.

“I think the court is going to approve that, so it’ll be on the ballot,” DeSantis told Washington, D.C.-based marijuana lobbyist Don Murphy on Friday.

The $39.5 million Smart & Safe Florida initiative is bankrolled almost exclusively by Florida-based multi-state operator Trulieve Cannabis.

As written, the ballot measure would allow existing medical cannabis dispensaries to start selling to adults 21 and over.

With 131 locations in the state, Trulieve would enjoy a leading position.

However, marijuana legalization in Florida would still be an uphill climb.

Sixty percent support is needed to pass a constitutional amendment in the state.

A recent poll showed 62% of likely voters are in favor of legalization.