Empowering Communities Through Soft Skills Training: Dr. DL Wallace’s Vision

In a world where soft skills have become integral to personal and professional success, a pioneering training company is creating a positive impact by forging transformative partnerships with private universities, corporations, and HBCUs across the country.


Success in today’s complex and interconnected world isn’t solely about hard skills and expertise; it hinges on a set of attributes that often go overlooked: soft skills.

Described as personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with others, soft skills are increasingly recognized as pivotal factors in an individual’s journey toward success. 

“Nobody promotes the guy that is hated by everyone else in the office. They promote the guy that everyone respects, the leader that has the character, work ethic, time management and organizational skills. They promote the one that has the soft skills,” says Dr. DL Wallace.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of soft skills in our modern world, Dr. DL Wallace is the founder of Plano, Texas based organization, Success Training Institute, an award-winning EdTech company that offers tailored training and professional development solutions to individuals and organizations of all sizes.

“Hard skills get your foot in the door, while soft skills allow you to climb the ladder,” he continues. Dr. Wallace is a business expert, zealous inspirational and educational speaker, corporate trainer, and proven CEO with a mission of developing leaders. 

He has built and led numerous multi-million dollar companies, including the Success Training Institute, which is rapidly becoming the gold standard in soft skills training. His goal is to create better schools and better communities, which he believes is only possible when soft skills are developed.

“If you grew up in the inner city, for example, with a single mother and all you ever heard as far as resolving conflict was raising voices, slamming doors and throwing things, then you didn’t learn soft skills. You learned a method of interaction fundamentally different, and if you learned a bad pattern, the only way you can change it is with a better pattern. Soft skills are that better pattern,” he says. 

The Success Training Institute consists of a multi-talented content team of former business owners, entrepreneurs, current and former university executives and leaders, who are committed to helping people develop the skills they need to be successful. For them, it’s not just about identifying what people need, but focusing on the “how” and helping them get there. 

“We start with what our client wants and we customize our training so that the training we have for University A is different from the training we have for University B. The difference is simply based on their respective goals. One group may say they really want to impact student outcomes, while another group might focus on improving outcomes for their employees,” Dr. Wallace says. 

But more than just telling a person or organization what needs to be done, which is what most training does, Success Training Institute gives them a formulaic process to execute. Some people may need to manage stress and develop strong relationships, while others need to focus on positivity, so it all comes down to meeting the individual where they are, and helping them build on their emotional strengths and weaknesses. 

However, it’s not just about transforming the individual for Dr. DL Wallace, but about empowering communities as a whole. In February 2022, the Success Training Institute invested USD $10 million dollars into Title I Schools across the country, and that’s just one of the many ways they are making a difference. 

“Some of those bigger state-funded schools have a lot of resources being poured into them, while smaller private institutions don’t have that. I like to see us in every private university in the country, especially HBCUs, because those institutions are vital to the success of underserved populations throughout this country and beyond,” he says.

Dr. DL Wallace shares that the Success Training Institute is partnering with many HBCUs to provide resources and opportunities to not just improve the skills of students and employees but empower them to raise funds and expand their reach, in order to make a lasting difference in their communities. 

The Success Training Institute has strategic partnerships with numerous colleges and universities throughout the US and the list continues to grow. 

When asked about his vision for the Success Training Institute over the next 10 years, Dr. DL Wallace says, “I see our company expanding not only to all the HBCUs and smaller private institutions across the country, but being a staple for any enterprise that’s looking to upskill, empower, and elevate their employees.”

In a landscape where the ability to connect, communicate, adapt, and lead often takes center stage, soft skills have emerged as the true indicator of triumph. To learn more about the Success Training Institute, visit their website today.


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