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Fewer farmers in Kansas are growing hemp because they see less demand for CBD oil.

However, advocates told Kansas City, Missouri, radio station KCUR that the market for other types of industrial hemp, such as those used for clothing and animal feed, is growing.

According to the Kansas Department of Agriculture:

  • 90% of hemp grown in the state between 2019 and 2020 was used for CBD oil production.
  • In 2023, less than 5% of hemp grown in the state is being used for CBD oil.

The lower demand for CBD oil might be linked to marijuana reform in other states.

Adult-use and medical marijuana is now legal in nearby Missouri, but both remain illegal in Kansas.

“The landscape has changed over the last few years across the country,” Deputy Agriculture Secretary Kelsey Olson told the NPR affiiliate.

“I think that may have shifted some of the use.”