GPT U.S. SEC's Deadline for Spot Bitcoin ETF Proposals Looms © Reuters. GPT U.S. SEC’s Deadline for Spot Bitcoin ETF Proposals Looms

Quiver Quantitative – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reportedly set a year-end deadline for final changes to applications for several proposed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tied to spot bitcoin. In a pivotal meeting with representatives from major financial firms like BlackRock (NYSE:), Grayscale Investments, ARK Investments, and 21 Shares, the SEC has indicated a potential green light for these ETFs early in 2024. This move comes after years of hesitation, with the SEC previously rejecting multiple spot bitcoin ETF applications due to concerns over market manipulation.

The SEC’s new stance signals a significant shift, likely influenced by a recent federal appeals court decision favoring Grayscale’s ETF proposal. Executives from the firms involved, who spoke under anonymity, revealed that the SEC has set December 29 as the deadline for submitting final updates. This deadline ensures inclusion in the initial approval wave of spot bitcoin ETFs, expected in early January. The meeting also involved representatives from Nasdaq (QQQ)and Cboe, where the new ETF products might be listed.

Market Overview: -U.S. SEC cracks open door for potential approval of spot ETFs in early 2024. -Firms like BlackRock, Grayscale, ARK race to meet Dec. 29 deadline for final amendments. -Green light could trigger a wave of Bitcoin ETF debuts, reshaping the cryptocurrency landscape.

Key Points: -Back-and-forth between SEC and issuers heats up ahead of Jan. 10 decision on ARK-21 Shares joint proposal. -Regulators set Dec. 29 as deadline for final changes, potentially paving the way for first-wave approvals. -Technical tweaks and fee disclosures become focus as issuers scramble to secure regulatory green light. -“Seeding” funds and market liquidity preparations highlight anticipation for potential Bitcoin ETF boom.

Looking Ahead: -Issuers’ ability to comply with SEC demands by year-end crucial for securing early launches. -Regulatory approval could mark a watershed moment for Bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. -Investors brace for increased volatility and potential price swings in Bitcoin market.

The SEC’s openness to approving spot bitcoin ETFs marks a turning point for the cryptocurrency market, which has long sought mainstream financial products linked directly to bitcoin rather than derivatives like futures contracts. The upcoming decisions, slated for the first few days of 2024, are eagerly anticipated by the cryptocurrency community and financial markets at large.

The issuers of these ETFs have been making technical adjustments to their filings, including provisions for cash redemptions, a requirement put forth by the SEC. Details about fees and initial seeding capital for the ETFs are also expected in the final updates. ARK and 21 Shares have already disclosed a proposed fee of 0.80% for their joint ETF. The initial seeding amounts are projected to be modest but are expected to grow as the ETFs begin trading, providing the necessary liquidity for market makers.

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