Illinois lawmakers, marijuana trade group push to ban intoxicating hemp products

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Illinois lawmakers and a trade group representing state-licensed marijuana companies are calling for a ban on intoxicating hemp products such as delta-8 and delta-10.

The Cannabis Business Association of Illinois, which represents large operators, is pushing for banning the sale of such products until a committee recommends some action, the Chicago Tribune reported.

But the group stopped short of banning CBD products.

In Illinois, intoxicating hemp-derived products are sold at gas stations, convenient stores and smoke shops without any regulation, including age restrictions, testing and labeling, according to the newspaper.

Several lawmakers favor the ban, while others, such as state Rep. Nick Smith. prefer that the products be tested, regulated, labeled and taxed – key facets of a bill he recently introduced that would allow the sale of hemp-derived products, the Tribune reported.

Wyoming recently became the latest state to ban the sale of hemp-derived THC products.

A map showing delta-8’s legal status around the United States is available here.