CRM enhancements focused on driving meaningful relationships and maximizing profitability

During 2022, KW partnered with real estate agents and teams to release software integrations and CRM features aimed at increasing productivity and eliminating pain points with lead generation, marketing and real estate team workflow capabilities.    

“The iterative updates we rolled out for Command in 2022 were highly influenced by consistent engagement with agents,” said Chris Cox, chief technology and digital officer, KW. “Our solutions will always be anchored in our agents’ success with a laser focus on what drives growth in their business.”  

“Command gives agents more time to deliver increased client satisfaction while maximizing higher profitability,” said Cox. “Agents today want immense value from their CRM; they want efficiency and speed in their business operations and they want it all seamlessly delivered. Command does that.”

The latest updates to Command, a smart CRM-plus solution, include: 

  • End-to-end integration of CRM tools was enhanced via further embedding the rich, intuitive capabilities of the Campaigns, Contacts and Designs apps within the Opportunities app, which tracks deals across phases of a sales pipeline.
  • The Marketing Tab features curated lists of top performing marketing assets, such as print flyers and trifolds, Facebook and Instagram ad templates, and prescriptive marketing campaign templates. Recommendations change based on deal phase in the Opportunities app. 
  • Contact Quick-Create feature within the Opportunities app, which allows agents to rapidly create and edit contact details. 
  • The Contacts Imports Wizard enables the thousands of agents onboarding monthly with KW to have an easy and efficient means to import their contacts into Command.
  • Instagram social posting for business accounts was added to the Campaigns app to increase the lead generation and brand-building and engagement opportunities for agents via social media.
  • Contacts information validation functionality was added to the SmartPlans app to give agents visibility on the gaps among the data a SmartPlan requires and the data available for a contact.
  • Cap accuracy dashboard enhancements allow agents to view in real time their progression toward a production cap. As production cap is reached, an agent no longer pays a commission split, meaning the agent is at a 100 percent commission until their anniversary year starts again.
  • Expanded native software integration with DocuSign, which allows for further embedded signature processing, simplifying workflows and document processes between agents and market centers. An Earnnestintegration allows for quick and secure handling of earnest money within the Opportunities app, simplifying the workflow for agents, buyers and escrow holders. A Sisu integration enables real estate coaches to view agent production data on Sisu-powered coaching dashboards, leaderboards and coaching reports.

“When our agents connect with clients through Command, it is the beginning of a meaningful relationship, and that’s the reason we’re a part of one of every five transactions that happens in the U.S.,” said Cox.

Command app latest updates include: 

  • Comprehensive integration of the Opportunities app functionality, which enables agents to view, edit, manage and archive real estate deals on the go. Home screen of the app includes a dashboard of open opportunities, offering a quick glance at the number of deals within each phase of the sales pipeline. Agents can sort and view opportunities based on a specific client.  
  • Expanded native software integrations with Twilio and WhatsApp allow for increased embedded communication capabilities with clients. 
  • Timeline enhancements to the Command app include the ability to view details about a property inquiry or a property tour, view listing feedback, view co-buyer and seller additions and removals, add email and mail activities, and view feedback on Collections or saved home searches within the KW Consumer app. 
  • Navigation enhancements include easier account switching between individual agent and real estate agent team views of Command app, a counter of new notifications that is always visible on the bottom of the home screen, and the ability to send the KW Consumer App through any smartphone app using a native share phone component from the home screen. 
  • User experience enhancements include translation for 28 different languages in response to KW’s robust international growth. Contact and property address auto population and the addition of the “Quick Contacts Bar” to bring contacts closer to the fingertips, were also added.
  • Task app updates on the mobile app include the ability to bulk edit tasks, delete and undo tasks, assign a task (if on a team account), unarchive a task and mark a complete task as incomplete. 

In February 2019, KW originally released Command, which is hosted on the Keller Cloud platform, for general availability for its agents. In December 2021, KW released the first version of the Command app. Command has more than 110,800 monthly active users as of Nov. 30.

“Our continued foundational advancements to the code base and data structure of the Keller Cloud have put us in a position to dramatically increase the speed to market for Command updates and innovation,” said Matt Green, head of agent experience and innovation, KW. “We have some exciting releases in store, along with additional feature extensibility with our open API library model that will be released in 2023.”

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