Feel better, do better and live better with ethey’s cooked meal subscription service providing wholesome, delicious meals and protecting the environment 

Eating wholesome, delicious, nourishing meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – this desire is at the top of everyone’s list. Yet, how many of us achieve it without spending our precious hours outside of work going to and from the grocery store, preparing food, and after all of that, being saddled with clean-up duty? 

“5.43 times a month, 1.29 times a week, 32 minutes on average.” This is how much time the typical Canadian spends grocery shopping, according to a study by Dalhousie University, published in Food In Canada. This figure excludes the minutes spent making a list, battling traffic en route, and unloading groceries. The truth of the matter is, this is valuable time that could potentially be spent doing fulfilling things that bring us joy, such as spending time with family, nurturing hobbies, and even just slowing down to rest after a long day at work. 

So how could we challenge this paradigm and adopt a smarter, more innovative way of feeding ourselves good, fresh food? Ethey, Canada’s #1 Cooked Meal Delivery Service is the solution that will not only save us 50 minutes at every meal time, but also help us do our part to save the world. 

For those who have always dreamed of having a personal chef on call to conquer all of the cooking duties, ethey’s meal service is a perfect choice due to their high-quality, pre-cooked meals prepared by eco-conscious chefs and ready in minutes.

Ethey’s mission is to inspire a healthy relationship between the planet and its people by bringing convenience to healthy eating. As leaders in the zero food waste movement, they produce chef-prepared meals in Canada with locally sourced ingredients and their 0% food waste production model, ensuring that every ingredient in each meal is fully utilised. Even the unused leftover scraps are composted in ethey’s onsite worm farm, creating nutrient-rich compost used by local farmers to grow more delicious produce! 

Their mission to utilise and compost all leftover food scraps are especially important due to the impact that food waste has on our environment. According to the National Zero Waste Council’s research on household food waste in Canada, nearly “2.2 million tonnes of edible food is wasted each year, costing Canadians in excess of $17 billion.” Aside from the economic cost, food waste has a substantial environmental impact – including wasting the resources used to grow and distribute food, and the toxic methane gas produced from food waste as it decomposes in landfills, both contributing to climate change. 

Ethey saves the day in more ways than just cutting out food waste. Their curated menu of over 40 mouthwatering breakfasts, lunches, and dinners saves meal time for those craving a variety of flavors and cuisines without all the work. It’s entirely possible to start the day with ethey’s Apple French Toast, complete with apple crumble compote and Canadian maple syrup, and later break for lunch with their Spiced Beef Kofta, featuring aromatic turmeric rice, then finish with the ultimate comfort food – Loaded Mac and Cheese with tender roast beef and broccoli. 

Ethey has thought of everything to cater to their loyal customers, creating fresh, individually portioned meals that are prepped and ready to eat in three minutes, packaged inside BPA-free, recyclable, oven and microwave-safe containers. 

Even the framework behind ethey’s subscription model is a simple process. First, visit ethey.com to choose a subscription meal-box size, make selections from their chef-curated menu, and choose a weekly delivery day. Then, every week, update the meal selection to try out all of ethey‘s delicious food favourites up to three days before the next delivery. Need to skip a week? No problem- ethey makes pausing and resuming orders as simple as the click of a button.

As a subscriber to ethey’s ultra-convenient and eco-conscious meal subscription service, consumers will receive a weekly delivery of between 4 and 20 meals per week, depending on the desired box size. This is shipped in fully recyclable packaging; the box, tape, and even the ice packs are all suited for the recycle bin.

With the constant demands and directions we are pulled in throughout our daily lives, it is comforting to know that there is a company that has our best interest at heart, as well as looking out for the environment. Choosing ethey not only means choosing a consistently wholesome diet to support a long, healthy life and vibrant well-being, but is also a conscious choice to stand against avoidable food waste and reduce our carbon footprint, preserving our planet for future generations. 

Nourish your mind and body, and preserve the planet by subscribing to ethey‘s Meal Delivery Service at ethey.com


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