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Adult-use cannabis sales in Maryland grew to nearly $56 million in November, a 1.5% increase over October.

Total cannabis sales, including medical marijuana, reached $89.7 million in November, down 0.4% from October, according to data from the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA).

Maryland has nearly 100 marijuana stores in operation, and more social equity businesses are on the way.

Adult-use sales in Maryland launched July 1.

Year-to-date adult-use sales total nearly $270.3 million through November, MCA figures show.

Meanwhile, in adjacent Washington DC, monthly MMJ dispensary sales declined by roughly 0.4% from October to November, totaling almost $2.9 million in November.

November sales at DC dispensaries declined 9% from the same month the previous year, according to figures published by the District’s Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Administration.

The agency reported 6,478 registered patients who were District of Columbia residents in November plus 2,601 non-DC residents registered to buy medical marijuana.