Traveling changed Milda’s life. It taught her the importance of taking risks and having a strong mindset while setting her up to take actionable steps toward her goal to become a high achiever. Milda’s inspirational story is a blueprint for the prospective transformation in the lives of those seeking to begin their own entrepreneurial journey or scale up their businesses.

There’s no doubt that traveling the world changes your life. The experience of visiting a place you’ve never been to before truly opens up your mind, challenges your perspective, and gives you the opportunity to try new things. The benefits are truly endless. But have you ever wondered what impact traveling could have on your career?

Who better to provide insight on this than Milda Kelpšaitė, AKA Milda Royal, a Lithuanian-born travel influencer, conscious entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, public speaker, content creator, and top success coach, who has traveled to 26 different countries across the globe, living a digital nomad lifestyle. She is learning, exploring, and growing each step of the way and sharing her journey with others.

Milda took some time to chat with us between coaching her clients, working with NFT’s, content creators, and her public speaking gigs, to share how traveling has transformed her life, and also, her career. 

“Traveling around the world really opens up your mind,” says Milda – who has lived in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and the U.K. “When you jump from one place to another, you have to know how to adapt to new environments quickly, and be able to observe how people work and think,” she adds.

“It really opens you up for the possibility to explore and also to be willing to take risks. It made me ready to welcome new opportunities into my life, which significantly impacted me in my entrepreneurial journey, and also in the trading and investments space,” she continues.

Milda is a networking queen who works with entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and scale online businesses. As a top success coach with Natasha Graziano, she is experienced in connecting her clients with opportunities, helping them to grow their authority online, and to reach new levels in their careers. 

She is working alongside her first online business mentor, Tjibaria Pijloo, also known as the “launch your business queen,” and Sebastian Williams – a legendary 7 figure marketer who has generated more than $2.5 million in sales. The aforementioned Pijloo is a part of the 2 Comma Club, an organization that has generated over $1,000,000 in online sales. 

Milda and her team are true experts in helping people and businesses grow their brands, sharing their message, and monetizing it the right way.

When first embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Milda received an opportunity to be mentored by Master Sri Akarshana – a world-renowned influencer, leader, and mentor, commonly known as the Yogi with a Lamborghini. Akarshana teaches his followers how to utilize the law of attraction and manifestation in their everyday lives. 

As a student struggling with debt Milda earned $22,000 in side hustles for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that changed her life. She was living in Belgium at the time, meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs online who were following their dreams and reaching new heights. This inspired her to take the risk and bet on herself, making the journey to the United Kingdom.

Milda’s decision to accept Master Sri Akarshana’s mentorship paid off. Today she’s shared virtual and in-person stages with him and other successful entrepreneurs who’ve paved their own paths and inspired millions along the way. The list includes Michael Graziano, Hofit Golan, Aditi Dubey, Dan Mezheritsky, KKhushi Jaain, Harry Singha, Jay Menez.

“Taking risks has led me to work with Master Sri Akarshana, Natasha Graziano, and plenty of other highly successful individuals who reach audiences all around the world with their positive message,” Milda shares. These powerhouses are seven and eight-figure earners. It’s just incredible how these kinds of risks lead you to such amazing results.”

But taking risks is not easy, especially if you do not have a supportive environment. Milda’s environment in the past was not supportive, but when she changed her mindset and brought her focus inward, she learned the importance of trusting in herself, and gaining the courage to follow her dreams, with or without the support of others.

“Mindset is everything,” she says. “You have to believe that you are powerful, that you are enough, and that you can do the things that you set your mind to. Once you believe in yourself wholeheartedly for a certain amount of time, it becomes natural, and you begin to remove everything that is disempowering to you. It takes some time, it’s a spiritual process, and an awakening, but it will make you limitless if you believe it will,” she continues.

By taking a risk and focusing on her mindset, Milda learned that when you put your mind to something and stick with it, you can create and achieve anything. “The most important thing is to find what makes you happy and to stay true to yourself and your purpose,” she says.

Because she followed her intuition, Milda has been able to change a lot of lives along the way. Aside from offering her expertise to fellow entrepreneurs and content creators, she is also a philanthropist who is passionate about uplifting others. Milda currently volunteers her time in Peru; assisting, supporting, feeding, and caring for children in need. 

“I have a piece in my heart where I just want to share love and positivity with others,” she says. “I’m so grateful for all of the children that I’m impacting and I believe that it’s my calling to contribute, give back and teach the next generation how they can learn from an early age to manifest beautiful, loving, and peaceful lives no matter what their upbringing is,” she says.

Traveling around the world allowed Milda to change so many lives. She is a superior entrepreneur, top success coach, and public speaker, who learned the value of taking risks and having a positive mindset. She is a talented content creator, and experienced NFT trader, having made up to $40,000 in just one week. Her mentorship is invaluable, and she works hard to help you achieve success.

To connect with Milda Kelpšaitė, fill out this form and let her know which area she can help you in, whether it be starting and scaling your business, public relations, investments, content creation, public speaking, or traveling. 

Take advantage of a limited-time offer to have Milda help you achieve your wildest dreams, and follow her journey around the globe here.


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