Following a year of growth, the Inc 5000 List Honoree, ParaFlight Is Looking To Break Into A New Industry of Transportation Services

ParaFlight Aviation, a first-class air charter broker known for specializing in quality timely medical transports, has recently announced they are expanding to provide corporate flight services, utilizing a successful approach that puts the traveler’s needs first. This announcement comes as the company celebrates being recognized as number 95 on the Inc 5000 list of companies to watch in 2022.

Original Formation

Chief executive officer Sim Shain originally founded his company ParaFlight in 2014, based on a passion to save lives and serve those medically in need with care and respect. With his nearly three decades of experience as a paramedic, he created the company around a team of professionals, allowing him to supply high quality air ambulance, organ transplant, and medical escort services, all while keeping the client’s best interest their main concern. A number of people have praised the team’s professional worldwide assistance, whether it be in helping elderly individuals relocate or arranging organ flights for physicians. The company takes pride in its ability to help clients at any time in a wide variety of locations. 

Expansion Into Corporate Travel

ParaFlight’s expansion to corporate will allow people in the workplace to access first-rate transportation services for business trips of all kinds. With a focus on the corporate traveler, the company offers comfortable conveyance with fresh catered food while flying and plane side transportation upon landing. In addition, those who decide to fly privately with ParaFlight will benefit from the team’s access to thousands of airports around the country. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the company is its capability to orchestrate flights on short notice. Having specialized in quick flights in the medical field, they expect to carry this ability into their corporate transportation services as well. “We recognize that time is a real commodity,” Sim Shain says. “And once your day passes, there’s nothing else you can do. But if we can help you capitalize on your time–we can help you capitalize on your business.”

Instead of being forced to rearrange business schedules around traveling, clients of ParaFlight’s corporate services can schedule their travel plans around their business affairs. If urgent situations arise, such as funerals, medical situations, or business-related emergencies, Shain’s team can be contacted and sent out promptly. To further improve the corporate transportation side of their business, ParaFlight is launching an app titled Urgent Flights. Building it to be similar in nature to Organ Flights, their current app for organ transports, Urgent Flights will give the company access to more operators and different types and sizes of aircraft, serving as an additional tool to help the company cater to the needs of travelers. The application is scheduled to launch in early July of this year.

Continuing to Build On Service and Innovation

ParaFlight has become a successful company in the medical transport business through prioritizing flexibility to meet their clients’ needs, making themselves highly available regardless of time and location. By applying the same principles in their expansion into the business world, and through continuing to innovate new ways to better help their customers, ParaFlight stands to thrive in corporate transportation as well.

More information on Sim Shain and his work can be found on his LinkedIn at Further details on ParaFlight and their services can be located on their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages, or on their website at


Contact: Sim Shain


Number: (844) 538-1911

Location: New York


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