Scott Jackson is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the world of art installations, based in Las Vegas, NV. As the founder of Hanging Around Town, he has dedicated over three decades to perfecting his craft. With a passion for his work, Scott has successfully executed a wide range of projects, from framing high-end picture frames to installing multimillion-dollar paintings in various settings such as casinos, restaurants, hotels, banks, offices, and even mega-mansions. His expertise extends beyond artwork to include the installation of photos, sconces, TVs, sculptures, drapery, and blinds.

One of Scott’s notable strengths is his keen eye for spatial placement and layout. His extensive experience has honed his ability to create stunning collage walls and execute intricate placements. He has established himself in a unique niche within the art installation industry, characterized by his unmatched artistic flair and expertise. However, what truly distinguishes him is his ability to seamlessly integrate artwork into its surroundings, transforming empty spaces into warm and inviting environments.

Scott’s professional journey has been shaped by his background in graphic arts and his flourishing career as an award-winning fine artist. With a deep-rooted passion for art that dates back to his early years, he brings a unique understanding and perspective to his work. By combining his artistic vision with his installation skills, he consistently delivers harmonious compositions that enhance the overall ambiance of any space.

In addition to his technical excellence, Scott is known for his professionalism and punctuality. He believes that being on time is crucial, and he strives to make a lasting impression on his clients by consistently providing excellent service.

Looking ahead, Scott envisions geographical expansion for his enterprise. He plans to open a new branch in the Portland Metro area, which will mark an important milestone in his career. This expansion reflects his unwavering commitment to bringing art and comfort to even more individuals and spaces.

Scott’s journey in art installation spans over three decades and is a testament to his dedication and talent. He approaches his work with humility, recognizing the transformative power of art to create inviting and comfortable environments. His expertise and hands-on approach have earned him a respected position within the industry.

For inquiries and art installation services, Scott can be reached at 702-271-2038.


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