PayAngel is revolutionizing the way you send your money one transaction at a time. Founded by Jones Amegbor, the company prioritizes security, simplicity, and heroic customer service, providing a solution to unreliable money transfers and offering the best exchange rates and zero fees all at the same time.

Sending money back home is a source of stress for many individuals. The process is time-consuming and unreliable, and the extra fees add up quickly. Jones Amegbor, a former banker turned entrepreneur, decided enough was enough and went on to create a solution to this ongoing problem. 

Amegbor lives in the United Kingdom and sends money back home to Ghana frequently. It’s essential for him to send funds on time, as he pays the tuition fees for a close family member so they can attend school. But unfortunately, sending money to Africa is not as easy as it should be. 

“Trying to send money back home used to be a problem for me because it meant that I had to get off of work early so I could reach the outlet on time. If I wasn’t able to get there before the shops closed, the money that was urgently needed wouldn’t get sent. So it was a very big problem for me personally,” he says. 

But Amegbor soon realized that this wasn’t just a personal problem. In fact, it was one of many issues that individuals sending money to Africa were faced with. “After speaking to people within the community, I realized that we all share the same problem. People complain about how they thought they had property back home and years later realize that they have absolutely nothing because the money they sent went to individuals they trusted to secure property for them, but that never happened,” he continues.

These challenges are felt especially by immigrants who utilize money transfer services the most. But unfortunately, there is no system in place that prioritizes their needs. People who send money to faraway places are forced to take a risk, not knowing if their funds will be received on time, end up in the right hands, or even go towards their intended purpose. 

For Amegbor, this unreliability had catastrophic effects. His relatives did not receive his funds on time and were not able to pay school fees, resulting in his family member having to wait until the following year to enroll in classes again. It’s clear that sending money this way is more of a risk, rather than the secured, and reliable transaction that it should be. 

That’s why Amegbor decided to create PayAngel, a company built on a foundation of security and simplicity, which offers a solution to unreliable money transfers. If you would like to send money, all you have to do is sign up for a free account, add transaction details, verify your identity, and pay for the transfer. You can do this online through the PayAngel website, or through their app that is available on Android and iOS. To view which countries are supported, click here.

“We want to bring trust back into the money sending process, where the person sending funds knows that by using us, their money will get to the endpoint exactly where they intend it,” he says. “We’re dealing with money at the end of the day. So we have made sure that the right protections are in place and everything is secure,” he adds.

Paving the way for a brand new and seamless money transfer company in the industry has not been easy for Amegbor, but his hard work has definitely paid off. Currently, senders can send funds from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, and the company plans to expand to other parts of the world including the United States and the rest of Europe in the upcoming months. The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), and The Swiss government through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO,) are providing funding to PayAngel. Microsoft which is providing technical resources and mentorship.

“It takes time for things to work, but we have a mission here and we’re not going to slow down,” he says. “When I was building this, it was about making sure that we have the right values, and are developing trust, being there for people, and truly living up to our name. At the end of the day, we have the angel tag, so we have to behave as angels,” Amegbor concludes.

PayAngel is revolutionizing the way individuals send their money, and it’s high time you get in on this opportunity. After all, PayAngel and your money transfer needs are a match made in heaven! To join a community that is changing the world one transaction at a time, be sure to check out PayAngel online.


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