The Law of Attraction Podcast with Natasha Graziano is ranked in the top 5 podcasts on Apple currently under Education. Graziano and guests treat listeners to reflections and lessons on mindset and entrepreneurship – leaning on ancient wisdom and the latest neuroscience to impart knowledge that listeners can share with their friends and family.

Looking for a new podcast this summer? Recently reaching #5 on Apple Podcast’s top educational show list, Law of Attraction with Natasha Graziano, is can’t miss content. Listeners enjoy a deep study on mindset and entrepreneurship every episode, as host Natasha Graziano and guests unpack wisdom and strategies that will help you live your best life.

Graziano is a revolutionary thought leader and mindset coach. A world class speaker, she’s shared stages with the likes of Tony Robbins and Mark Cuban. A profound author, Graziano’s latest book, Be It Until You Become It, is set to hit shelves this August. 

Law of Attraction is an instant hit of something powerful. “You’ll learn something you didn’t know was there before,” Graziano says. It’s ancient wisdom, as it’s always existed, paired with the latest neuroscience that grounds it to the modern sentiment. Those in the spiritual or scientific camp alike will feel at home as Graziano unpacks life’s largest topics. 

“You have to exercise to feel good physically – the same with your mind,” Graziano says. “You have to exercise that 2 million year old bit of hardware in your body: your brain.” Law of Attraction is a wonderful way to fill your head with information that adds value to your life – an oasis in a desert of trash TV and junk-food content.

Listeners receive impactful solo reflections from Graziano, in addition to long form interviews which match the insight of the world’s top minds with the wonder, energy, and wisdom of the host. 

The solo episodes of Law of Attraction offer motivation that will speak into your life, whatever you might be trying to overcome. “I want people to be able to type in exactly what it is they want to learn and research,” Graziano says. “Hopefully our show has the answers to that – all in one place.”

Think about the power of having keynotes from the world’s #1 female motivational speaker accessible from anywhere – Law of Attraction provides this resource to you.

The podcast’s faithful listeners look forward to starting their week off from an enlightened and empowered place, waiting in anticipation of who Graziano will invite next to impart valuable information. Past guests have included Grant Cardone, Daymond John, and Jim Kwik. The show’s central theme – manifesting a better life through education and the law of attraction – is explored from a distinct angle each episode, with the unique perspective of guests – the top minds of our time – adding to the depths of your own experience. 

Learning to replace the inner saboteur with the true authentic voice within us – from the perspective of trans icons Nats Getty and Gigi Gorgeous. How to find your way through growth and walk amongst the giants – with billionaire powerhouse Elena Cardone. How to get your talent out there – told through the experience of the renowned screenwriter Doug Ellin. These are just a few of the profound lessons and teachers you will be exposed to on Law of Attraction.

Afraid you’ve missed the boat on these impactful episodes? Law of Attraction content, while topical, is evergreen and totally binge-worthy. “I really did this as a way for others to be able to learn fast,” Graziano says. “Constantly learning means you’re constantly evolving. You want to be listening to what motivates you to do better and to improve your life.”

The beauty is that you get to learn alongside Graziano, who lights up with wonder (taking advantage of Spotify’s ability to host video as well as audio) in response to the teaching of her guests. This passionate energy channels into her guests – education has never been so electric. There’s synergy from the jump – Graziano’s passion for people builds a great sense of rapport. 

“I’m lucky enough to be friends with some of the greatest minds here on planet earth,” Graziano says. “I have the opportunity to learn from them and we get to grow together.”

The same opportunity is offered to you through Law of Attraction. Each episode is a chance to pick up something new, apply it to your life, and come to the next release a new and improved version of you. “It’s like if you take your car for service,” Graziano says. “It gets fixed up and it will feel and act better when you drive to pick up your friends.”

This metaphor is apt, as one of the best parts of engaging in a podcast like Graziano’s is the chance to share what you are learning with friends. “Sharing that knowledge, in turn, is helping somebody else, and potentially saving somebody’s life, Graziano says. 

The host describes something she calls the candle effect: “you light somebody’s candle – that person lights their spouse’s candle – that person lights their colleague’s candle and you light up the whole world. You don’t realize and know the power of your light until you share it.”

If you’re looking for a library of content that will light your candle with ancient wisdom and neuroscience, you can find Law of Attraction by Natasha Graziano on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you find your podcasts.


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