In the world of online dating, first impressions are formed through a single swipe. Two creative minds, Nick Friesen and Shane White, recognized the power of photography in shaping these impressions and have used it to transform online dating through their company, The Match Artist. Their unique concept leverages professional photography to help clients navigate the dating world with more confidence and form more connections.

How It All Started

Shane White, the founder of a software company and a popular wedding DJ company, discovered the impact of high-quality photos on dating apps firsthand. His business partner and co-founder, Nick Friesen, a seasoned wedding and headshot photographer, took some photos for Shane and suggested he upload them to Tinder. The response was overwhelming. 

Within a short period, Shane connected with his now wife. This success sparked a novel idea—could they use photography to help others find love?

Empowered by this vision, The Match Artist was born. Today, it’s celebrated by 800+ clients as a significant game-changer in the dating scene. The rave reviews from guys all over the U.S. underline the effectiveness of their innovative approach. 

One client shared, “When I first started implementing the photos, it was pretty much instant results. Nowadays I can pretty much get dates when I want them…” He credits The Match Artist for coaching him on how to authentically present himself in photos, a skill many clients go on to use even in casual photographs with friends.

How It Works

The secret behind The Match Artist’s success lies in their unique yet straightforward process. There’s thorough preparation before each shoot. Photographers take time to understand exactly what each guys’ goals are for online dating along with his personality, preferences, and interests. During the shoot, which typically lasts 4-5 hours, Match Artist photographers are able to connect with clients on a deeper level and capture them in a more honest and authentic way. The focus is on showing off who someone truly is and bringing out their best qualities in their photos.

In addition to great photos, The Match Artist’s goal is to help clients gain a new confidence in who they are and in their value as a person. Many guys walk away from the shoot with a renewed outlook on dating and life in general. They’re able to present a side of themselves they may have never seen before.

Nick Friesen and Shane White’s vision goes beyond just a business. It’s rooted in a genuine desire to help others build meaningful relationships, find love, and grow in confidence. As Shane guarantees, “Your experience with The Match Artist will be memorable.”

It Continues To Evolve

Having helped 800+ guys to date, The Match Artist is finding itself in a new market. “People we’ve photographed are now getting married,” says Nick Friesen. “The Match Artist is still going strong, but now I’ve joined forces with my wife to start a new company—The Wedding Artist. We wanted to find a way to keep capturing clients’ stories.” The Wedding Artist is committed to the same mission of providing coaching and photography services to capture life’s most precious moments.

If you’re ready to give your dating life a boost, check out The Match Artist. With their help, you can experience the difference it makes in your search for love. Visit their website to learn more and follow them on Instagram to see their work and get expert dating advice. 

If you’ve already found the love of your life, contact Nick and Allie at The Wedding Artist for help capturing the beginning of your happy ever after.


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