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Wisconsin Democratic legislators have renewed their push to legalize medical and adult-use marijuana in the state, one of 10 without a legal MJ program of some form.

Cosponsors have until Sept. 29 to show their support for the draft legislation co-authored by state Sen. Melissa Agard and Rep. Darin Madison, according to the daily news site Wisconsin Examiner.

“There was a time when alcohol was prohibited in Wisconsin and across our nation, and there was a time when margarine was prohibited,” Agard said during a press conference held at a hemp farm Friday.

“Prohibition does not work.”

The legislation includes a measure that would earmark 60% of cannabis tax revenue for communities that have been disproportionately affected by prohibition, the Examiner reported.

Agard toured the state to promote legalization this spring.

Gov. Tony Evers voiced his commitment to legalizing cannabis earlier this month, even though an attempt made earlier this year was rejected by Republican state lawmakers.

Approximately 69% of Wisconsinites support full legalization of marijuana, according to a news release announcing the draft legislation.

“It is way past time that our state honors the will of the majority and seizes the many positive economic and social benefits that cannabis legalization has to offer,” Agard said in a statement.